When looking at your IT needs there are a lot of questions you need to go through before you consider the actual assistive technology elements you need to use the equipment of choice.

What is going to be the main use for the computer platform?

What Do I need to control and use the platform?

What software do I need to assist in my usage?

How am I going to ensure the assistive solution is accessible and positioned correctly for me to use and access it?

These questions can be difficult to answer but Adapt-IT specialists are able to support answering these questions and help you get the correct solution for your needs.

Contact us about our F2F assessments that will assess your requirements and enable for the development of the right solution with you, enabling the trial of solutions and specialist mounting systems.

What Assistive Support do you need?

The answer to this is; it depends. It will be heavily influenced by the users and their needs or wants.