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IT must be accessible to everyone as a core utility. Implementing assistive technology is a core capability that can enable this access for all. Adapt-IT has developed a balanced set of capabilities to provide as much support as is required to ensure IT remains accessible. We will work with you to ensure the benefits and user requirements are fully met and achieved.

Services Client Journey

Not all user’s requirements are the same and Adapt-IT can provide a complete and tailored solution for you, your client, and staff through the complete system’s lifecycle.

Adapt-IT believe that everybody should have the right to use IT in the most comfortable and effective way. We will work alongside you to create the ideal solutions to allow you that IT experience.

Contact us with details regarding your situation and the barriers that stand between the user and comfortable IT use. With this information, Adapt-IT will discuss your options for hardware, software and training that will enhance the computing experience.

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Building a Solution For You

When looking at your IT requirements there are several questions you should ask before you consider the actual assistive technology elements you need to use the equipment of choice. Using this guide to support you through that journey can remove uncertainty, risk of purchasing the wrong equipment and provide longer term peace of mind.

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Solution Setup

Adapt-IT specialists have extensive IT experience.

Out of the box all IT comes with minimal setup and requires configuration by the user to best suit their way of working. Accessibility options and configuration of the chosen equipment can be confusing. Adapt-IT can resolve this issue this by setting up, configuring, and securing your system to maximise the benefit and support the user.

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Assistive System & Software Training

Buying assistive technology and software can be a substantial investment and correct usage and understanding of how the system works is essential to maximise the output of that investment.

Adapt-IT provide training for the users, carers, and leaders in all the main assistive software products.

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Through Life Support & Capability Management

Adapt-IT provide services that are not only assistive but also secure. Through our sister company TRaC Defence, we can configure all your systems to enable safe online browsing. Our services cover antivirus and malware protection through to parental and content filtering either through specialist software and hardware through to social media platform setup and configuration.

For our commercial clients TRaC Defence can help support achieving of Cyber Essentials, IASME Governance or ISO 27001.

Adapt-IT offer a full support service to keep your IT setup and configured through its life to ensure it works optimally. This service covers existing Assistive IT or Assistive IT bought directly from us

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