Are you a headteacher or a teaching assistant that wants to make learning more accessible and ensure students have a safe, positive and successful journey?

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That’s where we come in!

Adapt-IT can provide academic leaders guidance on what assistive capabilities are possible and can be put in place to make learning accessible to people with disabilities and allow all students equal opportunities.

Through our awareness training, we can help you and your educational team understand available technologies and processes that can be put in place.

Our awareness training for academic leaders covers the following:

  • What is an accessible school environment?
  • What technologies and systems are available to support productivity?
  • You get to see and try different capabilities to learn how it helps
  • Learn about tools and techniques that can prevent or support repetitive strain injury (RSI)
  • How you can support people who are partially sighted or blind
  • How you can support people with differing physical challenges
  • How you can support neurodiversity
  • Classroom accessibility planning

If you would like to learn more we can run from 2 hour to full day training and awareness with focussed development workshops.

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Contact Adapt-IT and speak to one of our team to learn more and start your journey to making education accessible!