Hardware Setup

Technology on its own is only part of the solution. The way technology is presented to the user, how it is mounted is essential to maximise the benefits.

If required Adapt-IT specialists are able to provide full implementation services. This ensures the technology you have purchased is fitted effectively and in the most optimum way to maximise usage and comfort. Whether this is a standardised desk setup to enhanced wheelchair or mobility system.

Software Setup and configuration

Software provides the main interface for the user. Out of the box this comes with basic configuration both from an input perspective and security.

To ensure the system is fit for the user a lot of personalisation needs to be done. Adapt-IT takes away this issue by understanding the users needs and setting up the required software elements as needed. This includes Operating System assistive configuration and Security.

If required, as much as possible will be done prior to shipping, however some configuration may need to be done directly with the user.