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Voiceitt Logo. On the left a V shape made up of Squares. the V shape is split into different colours teal and white. Voiceitt text is white on a dark blue background.

Welcome to Adapt-IT’s Voiceitt page

The Adapt-IT partnership with Voiceitt covers the UK and Europe, bringing an AI powered speech recognition technology for people with non-standard speech to speak their mind and be understood – at home, in education, and at work. 

Voiceitt is a powerful web app for people with speech disabilities that translates their non-standard speech into standardised audio and text outputs for both in-person and virtual communication. 

Image shows PC, Tablet and mobiles each with Windows white 4 square logo, Android  Robot on a white background and IOS and Mac OS logos on them

Use Voiceitt on any device to suit your needs and usage

Start Using Voiceitt now!

The onboarding for Voiceitt has been made as simple as possible through a simple form, and access to your 30 day free trial to access the web app and start the setup and trial process can begin. You will not be asked for any card or payment details at initial setup.

Have you got questions regarding Voiceitt?

Personalised language models based on unique speech patterns.

Voiceitt uses AI and machine learning models to build custom language models from the training phrases of each user’s unique way of speaking.  The technology interprets and converts speech to text, which can be used to write texts, emails, and communicate in person.

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Introducing Chrome integration

Voiceitt web app image. on the left is the control panel with three selectable functions Record, Speak and Dictate. Below the menu is a copy of a new note that is being dicatetd by the user. Below that is a large circuar button which says "listening, tap to stop'. to the right of the image is a big square box with text in it that has been dictated by the user. the text talks about how Voiceitt is being used by the user for writing his essays for college. below the white dialogue box is a set of functions, undo, clear, copy, share,Finish, Play and switch mode. each of these are selectable.

1. Spontaneous speech

The new Voiceitt2 web app is designed to understand spontaneous conversation and to understand phrases that were not pre-trained. It also offers speech-to-text functions in dictation mode. It is most suitable for users with mild-moderate speech impairments.

2. Training

In Voiceitt2, the training consists of recording 200 pre-defined training phrases in order for our technology to learn the user’s speech patterns.

voiceitt Web app training instructions.  3 columns each showing a different phase of the training.  Collumn 1 shows the orange tap to speak button you will see whan in training mode.  Above the button is the phrase that will need to be said by the user. 'We will also see".  above that is the number of sentences completed out of a max of 1000.  in the second column the button has been pressed or has automatically selected.  In the button it now says "listening'. above the text is a black microphone shaped icon.  the final column shows the process finished with Giot it under a big green Tick.  Below this is a next buton ready to go to the next phrase.

3. Compatible devices

Voiceitt2 is a web- based software that can be opened on any device with a browser.

4. Integrations and Smart Speaker control

Due to regulations and privacy restrictions, Voiceitt2 is unable to directly connect to smart assistants like Alexa or Google. However, there is still a way for you to use Voiceitt to control these assistants. 

You can achieve this by using Voiceitt on a separate device. Voiceitt has a feature called “speak mode” which allows you to say a sentence, and Voiceitt will immediately repeat it using a synthetic voice. 

To make it work, simply place Voiceitt close to your smart assistant device. Voiceitt has a feature called “speak mode” which allows you to say a sentence, and Voiceitt will immediately repeat it using a synthetic voice.  

To make it work, simply place Voiceitt close to your smart assistant device, activate speak mode on Voiceitt, and talk to Voiceitt as if you were speaking directly to the smart assistant. Voiceitt will understand your commands and repeat them using the synthetic voice, allowing the smart assistant to hear and execute them.

For example, If you would like to activate Alexa to call mum:

you will say “Alexa, call mum”  with your voice-> voiceitt will recognize, and repeat “Alexa, call mum”  with a synthetic voice -> Alexa will understand and execute the command.

You could also use “shortcut phrases” in the voiceitt2 web app: Shortcut phrases are available in “speak mode”, to add one go to “record” toggle -> choose “shortcut phrases” on the left, and type in your phrase. For example, if you say “mom”, Voiceitt will say out loud “Alexa, call mom

At no point was Voiceitt iOS app, or Voiceitt2 able to directly connect to a phone call or to control the device they are installed on. This could be done by the workaround suggested above in 4. Integrations and Smart Speaker control

A selection of smart speakers. Apple home pod, Amazon echo google smart speaker.

Where does Voiceitt sit for Speech support and does it replace AAC?

The answer to this is Voiceitt fills a gap that has not historically been covered and is not designed to replace AAC. AAC is targeted more at non verbal or no-speech ability. Until the release of Voiceitt Non-Standard Speech would have tended to use AAC.

A flow diagram showing three arrows covering the three distinct voice types. on the left Standard:fluent speech on the far right Non-Verbal: no speach ability and the middle which is highlighted blue, Non standard Speach: unsupported language/dialect, atypical speach patterns and cadence and mild, moderate and severe speech impairment.  The middle element is where Voiceitt focusses.

Voiceitt supports a diverse set of abilities

A table with two columns. Criteria and Voiceitt 2 App. Expressive language through Sentences supported. consistent Pronunciation. Mild to Moderate Severity of Speech disability. Requires constant internet connection. Suitable for all ages. Subscription based costs. Switch accessible, languages currently only support English.

Voiceitt subscription pricing after 30 day free trial

Type 1-9 User subscription cost excluding VAT
Monthly Subscription£45 per Month per user
Annual Subscription£450 per Year per user
5-year Subscription£1350 per User

For more than 10 users please call the Adapt-IT team for pricing.