High Contrast Keyboard Stickers – 4 Version Set

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  • Complete with Function Keys F1 to F12, all the special Windows keys and also a full lowercase set of characters.
  • 4 sets of stickers supplied:
    • Black on yellow
    • Yellow on black
    • Black on white
    • White on black

1 in stock (can be backordered)


Product description

These high contrast keyboard stickers convert your existing keyboard into a large print keyboard. They give users an easier and more accurate way to type and minimise eye strain. In addition, they grant users with visual impairments or younger children the ability to type easily.

  • Suitable for both laptop and desktop keyboards.
  • Easy to remove from the backing sheet enabling quick and easy application to your keyboard.
  • Includes upper and lower case letters, function keys, numbers, number pad, cursor keys and symbols.

If you have a sight issue you can get further information and support from Sight Support.

For More information on these high contrast keyboard stickers or any other product please contact our friendly team.

Additional information

Weight 0.070 kg
Dimensions 30 × 21 cm


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