Setting up a technology suite with computers for Care Homes, Day Centres and Sheltered Accommodations can be quite daunting.  You may well start off thinking you just need a few computers with some assistive software. But there is so much more that can support your clients.

Depending on the people using the equipment, you could have, for example:

  • high contrast keyboards,
  • large trackball mice,
  • height adjustable desks,
  • screen magnification software

Adapt-IT specialises in setting up computer rooms for people with disabilities and special needs.  For example, residents have so much to gain by taking full advantage of new technologies. Calling friends and family members anywhere in the world via Skype, sending and receiving emails or accessing the world wide web … all of this is now achievable by virtually anyone, provided they have the right sort of computer adaptations.

Tell us the needs in general terms of your target group and, of course, your budget and we will design and supply a complete computer room to satisfy those needs.

Having worked with a good number of Local Authorities, Health Authorities, Colleges and Charities over the last 10 years, our design team is very familiar with the requirements of this environment and can provide you with sound, unbiased advice.

Help with Funding / Grant Applications

We frequently help Care Homes in putting together their grant applications and setting up of computer suites in various settings, as well as introducing computers for individual residents.

Contact Adapt-IT now for a no-obligation discussion of what computer equipment may be best for your needs.