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Slide Welcome to the Online Safety Centre Protecting our clients online and promoting safer IT use. Zyxel networks Avast Standard Adapt-IT logo hands Slide Protect against viruses and Malware accross all your deviced Avast Software and Adapt-IT Services to help protect you and your I.T. Fully Managed by I.T Security specialists Keep your systems up to date with the latest patches Slide Zyxel networks Zyxel catch 100W ATP 500 ATP 100 Full security for Home, Day Center or Carehome

The Safety Online Center is powered by TRaC Defence limited.  They enable their clients to operate and focus on what their business.  We have all heard the scare stories and the impact of breaches over the past few years and we aknow that they can be devastating if not prepared.  So TRaC Defence will not use this tactic or insult you by stating the known.  TRaC Defence will work with you to develop a risk managed approach to security and privacy that will work with your company and create maximum agility and flexibillity.  This will focus on all areas of the CIA triad and the people, policies / processes and technology.  When the time comes and a breach occurs we will work with you to manage the process and ensure you get the best support to quickly and efficiently reduce the impact.

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If you have a requirement for larger volumes please contact our friendly team where we will be able to understand your requirement and provide the appropriate pricing.

Adapt-IT Security Powered by TRaC Defence Limited

For carers and parents for additional advice there is a wealth of support for instance UK safer internet center has a wealth of support and guidance on how to maintain online safety and security

For helping children and young adults about the dangers and how to stay safe online have a great 3 minute video for young peole here to watch