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Height Adjustable Table

Many thanks for your help with my order which arrived at lunch time today and is excellent  works a treat with my wheelchair.

Thanks again would recommend yourselves without any hesitation

Ronald Ives, UK

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  1. I received The Laptop Holder Bracket kit this afternoon..

    Many thanks for your help in this otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to get what I needed to help me use my laptop in a more comfortable position that I sit in at present..

    I will still have to pay to get it assembled and fitted by Blackpool’s Care & Repair fitter . Irrespective that I was told that my living in a disabled flat warrants free fitting by them .

    Today I phoned and found out from a male member of their C& R department. That the council now charges disabled people for fitting equipment such as a wall mounted Swivel Bracket laptop holder, because they class it as , Not a necessity….. Irrespective that it was designed by you on behalf of a Specialist Company that adapts things for the disabled. That it was designed to give me a more comfortable position when using my Lap Top .Than I am in at present

    So after hearing this from him. I had no choice but to tell him to go ahead and arrange for it to be fixed to the wall But I won’t know the cost of assembling it and fitting it until it has been assessed by their fitter .

    Well after that phone call ended I decided to seek advice else ware .So I phoned Lyn my Palliative Care nurse at the hospice and told her all about the bracket for the laptop and I told her I was being charged for the fitting of this bracket by the councils C&R department .

    To be honest I had expected her to tell me that my being charged for the fitting the bracket to the wall was correct .

    Then Lyn told me to hold on whilst she spoke to Sue the Occupational Therapist at the hospice who was in her room at the time ..( I know her from when I spent three weeks in the hospice last February ) Lyn put Sue on the phone and she told me that man from the councils C&R department is wrong in what his told me and that I shouldn’t have to pay because this laptop holder was designed for my needs and that it is irrespective that it is a lap top holder being fitted to my wall .

    The OT is phoning this mans manager after my phone call had ended to correct this mans error as she put it . She is getting back to me tomorrow afternoon. Knowing her I will probably get it fitted for free.So Martyn it does pay to speak to someone .

    Martyn take care

    Best regards


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