Mouse for stroke victims

22nd February 2013  •  1 comment  •  Posted in Q & As


For a stroke victim – is there a mouse that doesn’t require a double click?


This is an interesting question and I am sure there are a lot of people who find it difficult to use the double click button for one reason or another.

There are several mice that have a built-in double click button which just needs ONE click to operate rather than two. Also there are a few programmable mice where one of the buttons can be made to simulate a double click.

In particular, look at the Double Click Mouse, one of the programmable Evoluent Mice , the Libra-90 Trackball or the Smartcat Pro Touchpad.

In addition there is a nifty software program call Nib Clickless Software which using dwell-click technology allows you to position your mouse at a certain location and if held there for long enough (a fraction of a second), does the double click for you.  There is a 30 day demo version of this software available at



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  1. Enzo Cachia says:

    My father has recently suffered a stroke and his hand has certain disabilities which does not allow him use a normal mouse properly.

    Are there any other kind of mice for the computer which we can adapt for him ?

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