Trackball problems

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My trackball mouse has been working fine until the last couple of weeks. Now it keeps highlighting text and clicks onto things without touching it and also sometimes not responding at all.  What can I do?


Your trackball mouse may be faulty, in which case if it is still covered by the one year warranty, we can repair or possibly replace it.  Before we do that though, we need to check that it hasn’t got ‘clogged up’.   Because trackball mice make direct contact with the hand all the time, it is possible it may have accumulated grease (hand cream?) or general dust over time which has gone into the mechanism.

The large trackball needs to be removed.  You might have to release it by removing the retaining circular flange first.  Once out, the ball can cleaned by wiping it with a clean cloth or if very dirty, washing it with a mild soap solution – no other chemicals though, please.  Dry it thoroughly before reassembling.  Remove any other dirt or dust inside the trackball housing with a dry cloth or by blowing it out, particular around the sensors.

If it is still not working properly after this, please get back in touch with us.

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