Zyxel ATP Gold annual Licenses

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Zyxel security licenses include, but not limited to: security, connectivity, management & reporting and vertical solution licenses.

This product: Zyxel ATP Gold annual Licenses
£179.39£574.23 Exc VAT
ATP Firewall Series – Zyxel – 100
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ATP Firewall Series – Zyxel – 100W
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ATP Firewall Series – Zyxel – 200
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ATP Firewall Series – Zyxel – 500
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Product description

Ensuring your devices are uptodate and providing you with the maximum security is essential with the gold annual licenses for your ATP device.

Learn more about our flexible licensing options for your security devices.
Choose the perfect one that best suit your business needs.
Our security licenses include, but not limited to: security, connectivity, management & reporting and vertical solution licenses.

Zyxel ATP Gold annual licenses give you the maximum and best protection accross thier devices covering the following.



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Anti Virus

Zyxel Anti-Virus security subscription is a gateway-level Anti-Virus technology targeting known malware including viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware and rogue ware.  Zyxel Anti-Virus scans traffic on major protocols including HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP, and POP3.

Gateway-level Anti-Virus protection is first-line essential security for business networks to guard against these threats.

Anti Spam Filter

E-mail is an indispensable form of communication that has made its way into every aspect of our modern lives. However, statistics show that more than 70 percent of all e-mail is spam. Of which more than 90 percent of spam carries some form of malware. To defend against spam, malware, and phishing attacks, it is essential to deploy effective anti-spam technology.

Zyxel Anti-Spam leverages a cloud-based pre-perimeter defense system to protect your e-mail from malware.

Content Filtering

While nobody would dispute that the Internet is an indispensable tool for business, there exist many malicious sites that would trap users. Leading to potentially systems being infected with viruses or installing spyware when carelessly accessed. An efficient solution is necessary for administrators to manage web access and control traffic when employees access websites.

Content Filtering is a fully integrated security subscription service protecting networks against malicious attacks from rogue websites.  While helping administrators manage and control user access.

Content Filtering 2.0 includes URL filtering, HTTPS domain filter, safe search and GeoIP blocking. Now you can upgrade to Content Filtering 2.0 with the USG/ZyWALL ZLD 4.20 firmware and enjoy the new features that are strongly required by education and other sectors for safe Internet browsing and better detection coverage.

Intrusion Provention

The Zyxel IPS service provides a high-performance deep packet inspection engine to examine all incoming and outgoing traffic – including SSL traffic for protocol deviations, content that signals an attack, or policy violations. The IPS operates in detection and prevention modes to defend operating systems and shield enterprise application vulnerabilities.

Application Patrol

As we begin to advance and bring in more sophisticated devices into Nebula Cloud, the major license service updates of application patrol include: clearer analysis report from client point-of-view, instantly application report display and various category list.

More than 3700 applications are categorized in different labels such as antivirus, media streaming, social network, advertising and more. The block/unblock and speed limit action buttons are added in the Site-wide Application monitoring page. Nebula users can view all the applications that are currently used in the network for easy management and take immediate action to protect the network when necessary.

Geo Enforcer

Geo Enforcer uses IP address locations to monitor traffic and analyze log data in order to create a GeoIP database, which translates IP address into geographical mapping and denies access to unnecessary or potentially dangerous incoming traffic.


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Zyxel License Bundles

ATP 100 Gold 1 year, ATP 100 Gold 2 year, ATP 200 Gold 1 year, ATP 200 Gold 2 year, ATP 500 Gold 1 year, ATP 500 Gold 2 year, ATP 700 Gold 1 year, ATP 700 Gold 2 year


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