N-Abler Joystick

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The n-ABLER Joystick is specifically designed to address the needs of computer users with limited hand control, motor skill difficulties, poor hand-eye co-ordination, lack of manual dexterity and involuntary muscle spasms.

Available on back-order

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Product description

The n-ABLER Joystick is suitable for improving access for young people with some special educational needs or learning difficulties. It is also suitable for those whose work entails long periods of computer use and for people with movement impairment. The joystick requires only a light touch. This together with the function buttons, makes for easy navigation, selection and manipulation of objects on the computer screen. The n-ABLER Joystick emulates a computer mouse but, with fingertip control and the need for only minimal hand movement, reduces wrist and elbow fatigue, requires far less effort and is less tiring. The symmetrical design enables users to work with either hand without having to angle the wrist. The unit can also be configured for ‘left-handed’ operation by switching the left and right click buttons.

The cursor speed may be selected using a button on the rear of the unit which, together with the single-axis button, can be used to tailor the cursor movement to the user’s exact needs. The n-ABLER is switch adapted and the two 3.5mm sockets provided can be programmed to function as any of the six built-in buttons (including speed). Alternatively, for users who find switch use difficult, a Dwell Click function can be programmed to allow n-ABLER to be used entirely without switches.

  • Colour coded buttons mounted sub-flush to prevent accidental activation.
  • Audible (switchable to mute) and visual warnings indicating selection or change of function.
  • Does not require driver software – ideal for contract managed computer systems
  • Three-point fixing for mounting systems.
  • Comes with T-bar handle and large diameter sponge ball.

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