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Game On is a new and unique family of assistive gaming products. The first product in the range- Game On 1 – allows users of eye-gaze enabled AAC devices and computers to achieve full control of computer games using only their eyes.

Available on back-order


Product description

Game On 1 may be used to play games either on a standard PC or on an Xbox via an Xbox Adaptive Controller. The user’s AAC device, such as a Gridpad running Grid 3 or a computer*, displays a special gaming Gridset with a similar layout to a standard game controller handset. Simply gaze at any of the grid cells and the corresponding game controller action is sent to the console/ gaming computer to successfully play the game. Every one of the controls on a standard game controller is reproduced in the grid set. This includes both momentary and timed thumbstick movements and single, double, and timed presses of all buttons, bumpers and triggers.

A Rapid-Fire option is also included for all buttons and triggers. The grid set may be easily customised for particular users and/or particular games. This feature is especially useful when the user has low cognition and would be unable to understand a full controller layout. Editing the grid set is particularly beneficial when using Game On 1 with Xbox Co-Pilot. Additionally, Smartbox offers a Gridset download library. This allows user-generated Gridsets to be shared for the benefit of everybody in the disabled gaming community.

To get started, all you need is an existing AAC device with an eye-tracker device and an infra-red output, together with a separate gaming computer or Xbox/ Xbox Adaptive Controller combination and a Game On 1 unit.

Up to six gaming Profiles may be stored on Game On 1, either using the keypad or the AAC device using eye-gaze. Profiles are useful both for customising the gaming experience for individual games or for individual users, depending on their preferences and particular needs.

Game On 1 also allows up to four players to be in the same room. From a facility which can enable co-operative gaming, to tournaments where multiple gamers are playing individually in the same setting. Each player will need their own Game On 1 device.


  • Allows eye-gaze enabled AAC device users to access computer games using only their eyes.
  • Can implement all the controls on a controller, or a subset.
  • Interfaces to a gaming computer* or an Xbox via an Xbox Adaptive Controller.
  • Can be used with Co-Pilot to allow a gaming partner to assist with game play.
  • Stores up to six Profiles to allow customisation for individual users and/or individual games.
  • Multi-player facility allows up to 4 players. Either co-operative play of a single game, or simultaneous game play in a single setting (e.g. gaming tournaments).
  • Several easily modified Gridsets available and custom Gridsets may be shared with the gaming community.
  • Fully customisable grid sets allow the grid to be changed according to the user’s unique requirements.
  • Can also be used for gaming using switch scanning instead of eye-gaze if preferred.

To hear more details about the Game On 1, see the video below.

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