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The Accuratus Mini Hivis, is a mini layout keyboard but with many features, even more than some full-size keyboards. The high visibility legends open up new opportunities for those with bad or impaired eyesight, it is widely recognised that a yellow font is far easier to read than white font. The Mini Hivis has 12 multimedia and internet hot keys allowing easy access to your multimedia or navigating websites, there is even a sleep key for those wishing to save power and put their computer into sleep mode.

1 in stock (can be backordered)

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Product description

USBFull Size High Visibility Professional Keyboard with Contoured Full Height Touch Typing Keys & Patented One Touch Euro Key

The Accuratus Mini Hi-Vis opens up further opportunities for those with impaired eye site. It has been widely recognised that people with impaired sight respond more positively to Yellow fonts on a Black background.

With its Black background and enlarged Yellow font the Accuratus Hi-Vis is a cost effective assistant.

Accuratus Mini Hi-Vis

Key Features

  • USB connection
  • UK key layout
  • Black case and keycaps with yellow uppercase key legends
  • Hi-Vis yellow on black key legends ideal for people with impaired eye sight
  • Keycaps are finger tip shaped to allow for ease of use
  • Standard keyboard size
  • Full keyboard key layout with numeric keypad
  • Membrane key technology
  • Responsive tactile feedback keys
  • Fold out feet to provide keyboard tilt


The Accuratus Mini Hi-Vis keyboard is a brilliant, small device for people with poor or impaired eyesight. This mini keyboard is compact and lightweight, making it incredibly portable. The keys are membrane keys, giving you a soft and comfortable keystroke. The Mini Hi-Vis manages to fit everything you need into its tiny size, with FN keys included and multimedia keys mapped to them. The bright yellow lettering allows those with visual difficulties to see what they are typing much better.

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