Using computers for people with tremors

25th December 2012  •  No comments yet  •  Posted in Mobility issues

There are a number of products that can help people with tremors to use their computers.

For people with Parkinsons’ disease or dystonia, using a computer can be extremely frustrating.  But help is at hand.

The sorts of products that can help are:

  • A large button keyboard such as the KeyMonster or Big Keys keyboard
  • keyguard to go with the keyboard.  This is a metal or perspex cover with cutouts just for the keys.  So you can never press two keys at the same time.
  • Adjust the accessibility settings within Windows by turning on FilterKeys
  • Adjust the mouse speed and double click speed within Windows
  • A tremor supressing mouse adapter. This is a box of electronic wizardry that allows you to filter out your tremor and adjust the dial to suit your requirements, even during the course of the day
  • Voice recognition software.  This is always an option worth considering.  The accuracy of  voice recognition, in particular Dragon Naturally Speaking, has improved considerably as the power of computers has increased

Using one or several of these solutions should help you to work successfully with your computer.

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