Making it easier for silver surfers

Computers for Elderly Users, Seniors and Silver Surfers

Computers for elderly users, can be quite challenging, both physically and mentally.  Typically elderly users and silver surfers may suffer from visual impairment problems, coordination issues as a result of arthritis, memory problems or other issues.  For computer “newbies” learning all the buttons to press or when to click or double click in the Windows environment can all be very confusing.

computers for elderly users

Adapt-IT supply a range of products designed specifically for elderly users (or ‘Silver Surfers’) from large button keyboards with ABC layouts (rather than the standard QWERTY) to software with simplified interfaces to allow easier access just to the programs you need – internet, email, letters etc.

Adapt-IT supplies computers for elderly users to benefit from the internet and PCs including large button keyboards, trackball mice, screen magnifiers and more. For a complete list of IT equipment found to be helpful for elderly users either click Computer Products for Seniors or select the Elderly category in the Browse by Condition/Need option our Products page.

If you are disabled, many of our products can be supplied with VAT exemption.  For individuals and home users to obtain VAT exemption you must satisfy the conditions laid out by HMRC Reference:Notice 701/7 (August 2002) and sign our VAT Exemption Form for Individuals.  For a copy of the Form click here.

(Please note. To obtain VAT exemption, we can only accept a signed copy of the VAT Exemption Form by post, fax or scanned and emailed.)

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