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Adapt-IT offers a disability consultancy providing organisations and individuals advice, guidance and solution design, implementation and through life support services.

The combination of skills within our organisation allows us to provide a broad, but in-depth service that can really get to the heart of any issue with its very practical approach to consultancy using a broad experience of disability, computers and assistive technology.

At Adapt-IT we have qualified engineers and computer experts, most of whom have specialised in the field of disability. We have built up a client base of hundreds of clients including nearly 200 Local Authorities and Government Agencies, numerous Colleges and Universities, Hospitals and NHS Trusts and Corporates, as well as over 600 individuals with disabilities.

Taking a very practical approach to the challenges created by disability. Most of our consultants are engineers and we are very familiar with the problems of adapting solutions.


Where eligible, many of our products can be supplied with VAT exemption. To see whether you satisfy the conditions laid out by HMRC click here and then sign our VAT Exemption Form for Individuals. For a copy of the Form click here.

Complete solutions and throughlife support requirement assessment services

enabling computing for individuals with disabilities

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