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The Journey to I.T. accessibility and implementing assistive technology is a core capability that Adapt-IT can provide.  Working with you to ensure the benefits and user requirements are fully met and achieved.

Workstation and Disability Assessments

We can advise you or your staff on the most suitable equipment and software to help them. This usually involves a site visit to inspect the working environment of the person being assessed and to understand their objectives. We then prepare a report with recommendations of equipment, software and suppliers.

Assistive Technology Support services

People with disabilities meet barriers of all types but new technology is constantly helping to lower many of these barriers. Computer hardware and software tools, known as adaptive or assistive technologies, can provide functional alternatives to standard operations specifically tailored to your work or home needs. However for carers and parents of a child or adult with a disability how do you go about choosing the best assistive technology for them?

IT Disability Support Service: Setup, fitting and Configuration services

Adapt-IT specialists have wide experience in ensuring that the assistive technology is fitted correctly to make it more comfortable and more accessible. How the systems are mounted, setup and configured and secured is essential to maximise the benefit and protect the user.


Assistive Software Training

We provide Assistive Software Training in all the main disability software products. For many people with disabilities, computers can be the key to changing the quality of their lives by enabling them to communicate in print and via email, type letters, write emails, improve their coordination skills or just have fun.

Security and Online safety

Adapt-IT provide services that are not only Assistive but also secure. We can configure all your systems to enable safe online browsing. Our services cover antivirus and malware protection through to parental and content filtering either through specialist software and hardware through to social media platform setup and configuration.