Demise of the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Desktop 7000, Split Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

27th August 2013  •  No comments yet  •  Posted in Ergonomics, RSI

Sadly Microsoft have decided to stop supplying their Natural Ergonomic Desktop 7000 wireless split keyboard and mouse.  This was a super keyboard and I was just waiting for a few more of the legends on my 10 year old cream coloured Microsoft Natural keyboard to wear off before I treated myself to a brand new 7000 keyboard and mouse.  Alas, that is no longer an option.


The Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Desktop 7000 keyboard and mouse has been around for a good few years and was the wireless version of the 4000 keyboard which has been around for at least 6 years, probably longer.  They were both ideally suited to users who were experiencing wrist problems but did not feel their problems to be bad enough to adopt one of the more extreme split keyboards such as the Goldtouch or the Fujitsu KBPC E split keyboard.  They were functional and therapeutic without being too dramatic in their appearance.  Most people could immediately see the benefit without having to ask “what’s that?”


So without being privy to Microsoft’s plans with regards to a possibly replacement, what are the current alternatives?

  1. The Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Split Keyboard 4000, which is a wired keyboard, is still around and we are not aware of any plans to withdraw it.
    Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000 Keyboard
  2. The Goldtouch keyboard is  a trusty contender.  Having been in the market for about 8 years there is a new model, inspiringly named Goldtouch V2, which is certainly nicer to use than the old V1 and with some minor changes to the keyboard layout.Goldtouch V2 Split Keyboard
  3. From the same stable, the Goldtouch Go is a smaller version of the same keyboard, neatly designed to be packed away with your laptop.Goldtouch Go Keyboard
  4. The previously mentioned Fujitsu KBPC E keyboard is surprisingly comfortable to use but the levers and flaps to adjust it and somewhat quaint (some would say reminiscent of Heath Robinson) and why will Fujitsu not move with the times and bring out a black version?Fujitsu KBPC E ergonomic split keyboard
  5. The Kinesis keyboards are also very comfortable to use with a nice touchKinesis Freestyle
  6. The Maltron keyboard, now in black or ivory is a trusty old friend and continues to protect damaged wrists all over the world.maltron_dh_keyboard__bl_1
  7. And if you feel like something to wow your friends and express your individuality, the Safetype keyboard is a sure winner but for touch typists only.
  1. SafeType Vertical Keyboard




All in all a fair selection of alternatives, although personally I hope there is an 7001 version of Microsoft’s keyboard (or whatever they decide to call it) before I have remembering all the keys in the complete absence of visual reminders on my old thumpalong.

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