Making life easier for you

Making life easier for you

Disabled or Elderly

Computers for disabled or elderly users can often be difficult for them to operate, imposing uncomfortable strains on vulnerable limbs and often with frustrating results.  Adapt-IT know how to assess and advise people with special needs to make computing a more comfortable and rewarding experience.


Individuals with a disability

People with disabilities meet barriers of all types but new technology is constantly helping to lower many of these barriers. Adapt-IT have been working with individuals with disabilities for over 10 years and pride ourselves in being able to understand your requirements, no matter how complex they are.

We are intimately aware of computer hardware and software tools, known as adaptive or assistive technologies, which can provide functional alternatives to standard operations specifically tailored to your work or home needs.

Amongst our wide range of solutions we have the largest range of mice, keyboards and other assistive technology in the UK covering all kinds of special needs. Whether you have mobility problems, arthritis, visual impairment, learning difficulties or if you are temporarily disabled through injury, we will find a solution for you. And finding the right solution, as many of our testimonials attest, can not only improve your quality of life but can even change your life.


Computers for elderly users

Arguably, the greatest benefit of using a computer is that you are able to connect with friends and family, whether it is through video calls via Skype or by sending messages. Nearly three quarters of over 75s who live alone say they feel lonely, for them getting online whether through a computer or a tablet can be the most effective way to reduce loneliness.

However computers for elderly users can be challenging both physically and mentally. Older users may suffer from visual problems, coordination issues as a result of arthritis or other issues, such as retaining newly acquired skills or short-term memory recall. For computer “newbies” learning all the buttons to press or when to click or double click in the Windows environment can all be very confusing.

Adapt-IT supply a range of products designed specifically for elderly users from large button keyboards with ABC layouts (rather than the standard QWERTY) to software with simplified interfaces to allow easier access to the programs you need – internet, email, letters etc.

Link to our complete list of products that are helpful for elderly users.


Affordable Computing for individuals with disabilities

Where eligible, many of our products can be supplied with VAT exemption. To see whether you satisfy the conditions laid out by HMRC click here and then sign our VAT Exemption Form for Individuals. For a copy of the Form click here.

We are happy to direct people to known sources of funding for assistive technology. For further details on possible funding sources click here.