You're never too old

You're never too old

Day Centre and Care Home computer suites designed specially.

Day Centres and Care Homes

Computers for Day Centres

Setting up a computer suite with computers for Day Centres and Care Homes can be quite daunting. You may start off thinking all you need is a few computers but then quickly realise that that is only half the story. You may need high contrast keyboards, large trackball mice, height adjustable desks, screen magnification software and host of other products to accommodate your target group.

Adapt-IT can save you time, money and aggravation here. We are one of the few companies in the UK who specialise in setting up computer rooms for people with disabilities and special needs. You just need to tell us the needs of your target group in general terms and your budget and we will design and supply a complete computer room to satisfy those needs, taking a lot of the work out of funding bids.

Our work with Local Authorities, Health Authorities, Colleges and Charities over the last 10 years ensures that our design team will quickly become familiar with the requirements of your particular environment and can give you sound unbiased advice specifically tailored to your needs.


Computers for Care Homes

Making computers available for people in Care Homes is allows them to connect with friends and family – calling grandchildren anywhere in the world via Skype, sending them emails or accessing the internet – all of this is now achievable by virtually anyone provided they have the right sort of computer adaptations.

However computers for elderly users in Care Homes can be challenging both physically and mentally. Elderly users may suffer from visual problems, coordination issues as a result of arthritis or other issues. For computer “newbies” learning all the buttons to press or when to click or double click in the Windows environment can all be very confusing.

Adapt-IT has been instrumental in setting up computer suites and introducing computers for individual residents in many Care Homes throughout the UK and supply a range of products designed specifically for elderly users from large button keyboards with ABC layouts (rather than the standard QWERTY) to software with simplified interfaces to allow easier access to the programs you need – internet, email, letters etc.

In addition, we frequently help Care Homes to put grant applications together to enable them to open computer suites and provide computers for individual residents.