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Adapt-IT User Need Assessments

Assessments for Individuals, Business users and the Medical Profession

Why an Adapt-IT Assessment?

Wrong positioning and wrong equipment can lead to bad posture or aggravate ongoing conditions.  They can also, unfortunately, lead to and cause new conditions that make using IT uncomfortable or unusable.  For people who use IT, understanding what is available and picking the right solution can be both daunting and difficult.

Picture of a person using the single handed keyboard

Adapt-IT Assessments can take many forms from simple observation through to complete system setup to understand what works and what doesn’t.

Display Screen Assessments is part of this assessment, but this doesn’t go far enough to outline the full requirements, especially for people who have severe or multiple conditions that affect mobility, visual impairment, or neuro diversity.

Adapt-IT works on the basis that core Information Technology should last 3-5 years and peripherals beyond that.  Of course, this depends on the user’s condition(s) and the user’s usage requirements. For example, standard email and word document creation needs less power than gaming for instance.

Someone led on the floor using the OrCam Read to read a book

Benefits of an assessment:

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Support to the Medical profession 


Adapt-IT provide support to medical professions such as Physiotherapy and Occupational Health to ensure people who have been affected by injury, illness or disability get the right IT or gaming solutions.  Adapt-IT are not medical professionals but specialists in providing IT solutions to people that have specific requirements to support in the use of Information Technology.  We work with the different medical professions to support ongoing conditions or during rehabilitation.

Working with medical professionals we can, identify the specific requirements and identify the solution tailored to the user.


Adapt-IT can help.  Its Assessment services can identify a user’s exact needs by working with the user and any support teams going through all the options to find the best fit.

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What does the Assessment include?

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