Assistive Technology to help PI Victims and disabled computer users

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Do you ever have Personal Injury Clients with Assistive Technology needs?

We often see PI victims where assistive technology is an essential part of their compensation package.  This can be:

  • To make changes to their computer workstations to allow them to return to work
  • As part of a rehabilitation programme with programs that help them rebuild their communication, literacy or concentration skills
  • Communication aids
  • To allow them to regain some independence and communicate with the outside world by means of social media, email, Skype etc.
  • A host of other reasons

But where can you find experienced and impartial advice on this technical field?

Adapt-IT offer consultancy in Assistive Technology.  We have advised hundreds of individuals who have needed specific adaptations to compensate for accidents or illnesses.

Acting as Expert Witnesses for a number of Personal Injury Solicitors we provide causation reports, estimates for lifetime costs and litigation support.

Life doesn’t have to be so hard


For more information

If you have Clients where Assistive Technology forms part of their claim or need more general information, please click here or contact Martyn Slyper

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