ALT-Key Access – a brand new program for single handed users

26th December 2012  •  No comments yet  •  Posted in Adapt IT news, Mobility issues

We have a program designed specifically for computer users who need or want to type with one hand?

There are several keyboards around designed for this:

  • Maltron Single Hand Keyboard (either left or right handed version)
  • Matias Half QWERTY Keyboard
  • Half keyboard
  • CyKey
  • Frogpad

Well now there is a MUCH CHEAPER software option.  ALT-Key Access is a program designed to double up the function of each keyboard key to enable you to work within a much smaller area. Each key has been programmed to have two values with the left overlaying the right hand side of the keyboard and vice versa.  So the letter “Q” doubles as both the “Q” and the letter “P”. The letter “W” doubles as the letter “O” and so on. All you have to do is hold it down. All the keys from the whole keyboard can now be accessed from just one side.

You can download a free trial at or from here.  At the moment the software costs £95.00.

If this would help you, why not give it a try!

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